Your wedding day’s coming and you’re on a hunt for the perfect wedding jewellery.

Enter: Pearls.

Pearls are a classic choice and firm favourite amongst brides. Elegant and timeless they hold a place as a staple in any woman’s fine jewellery wardrobe. Women around the globe love their organic lustre and how they magically seem to lift one’s complexion to be as radiant as a pearl.

Pearls also symbolize virtues that brides hold dear as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

White for Purity

Pearls represent a bride’s purity much like the traditional white wedding dress. White pearls are a top choice amongst young brides – and rightly so as white is the most classic and widely renowned colour of pearls. Pearls also symbolize integrity and loyalty.

Heirlooms of Happiness

Certain cultures believe that pearls bring happiness to a marriage. As the old adage Mother Knows Best goes young women often receive their first pearl necklaces from their parents or prospective parents in law as blessings for a loving and joyful marriage. Men also gift pearls as a sign of love. These jewellery pieces are often deeply treasured and passed onto future generations as heirlooms.

Love through Pearls

Pearls are considered one of the most romantic gifts. Today the tradition of gifting a bride pearls continues. Brides may even consider gifting their maid of honour or bridesmaids with pearls as a token of their enduring and treasured relationship.

Heirlooms of a Modern Woman

With this in mind Orient Atelier creates high quality modern pieces that pays tribute to the classic timelessness of pearls.

Our Pearl Bar features jewellery that can worn in multiple ways to suit the multi-faceted lives of modern women.

Wear the pearls alone on days that you prefer to keep it simple and chic, or bling them up with diamond jackets for work or formal wear. Diamond jackets can even be matched with other ear studs that you have.

As a testament to our pursuit of quality our pearl jewellery are made in 18 Karat Gold.

18 Karat Gold is the industry accepted standard for high quality jewellery. Our wedding jewellery collection may be customized in White, Yellow or Rose Gold. When it comes to bespoke jewellery the world is your oyster – quite literally. 😉

We designed our collection in matching sets or simply mix and match to your heart’s desire.

4 Piece Sets

Eternally Classic
Gorgeous, stylish and wearable daily. For a bride who wishes to have her wedding trousseau filled with timeless treasures. Ideal for young ladies who dress up for the office or those who wish to have separate pieces for dressy occasions.

Modern Edgy
Uniquely yours. For a bride who is unconventional and full of character. Featuring a full strand of gorgeous pastel grey-green Akoya Pearls that is modern and out of the box. Beautiful South Sea Pearls and diamonds complement the look.

Feminine Floral
For a graceful stylish bride. Marquise diamonds add a delicate and elegant touch to this set.

2 Piece Sets

For ladies looking for a simple 2 piece set, perhaps to complement other jewellery that already forms part of her trousseau. Our beautiful and elegant pearl jewellery designs are ideal for daily wear after the wedding.

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