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Question & Answer

What sizes of Akoya pearls do you carry?
We carry 7mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm Japanese Akoya pearls.
Other sizes are available upon request. We also carry Tahitian and South Sea Pearls.

What is the grading of your pearls?
Pearls do not have a standardized grading system. Different pearl and jewellery companies have their own grading framework. As a gauge we would place our Akoya pearls at AA grade if using the strict standards of renowned Japanese pearl companies.

AAA – Exceptional reflection & Blemish Free Surface
AA – Superb clear reflection & Very slightly Blemished
A – Very good clear reflection & Slightly Blemished

Blemishes? Are they bad?
Pearls are wonders of Mother Nature. These organic gemstones will typically always have some form of blemish. As long as the blemish isn’t overly obvious such as large wrinkes, chalky spots or abrasions it shouldn’t distract you from appreciating the beauty of a pearl.

What type of metal are your jewellery made in?
Orient Atelier’s jewellery are made in 18 Karat Gold.
As a testament to our pursuit of quality we do not work with lower gold fineness such as 14 Karat or 9 Karat Gold.

How do I care for my pearls?
Strictly no perfumes or hairsprays.
If you must wear fragrances or sprays wear your pearls after using them.
Cleaning wise simply pat them with a room temperature cloth and air dry before storing them. If in doubt please bring your pearls into our store for cleaning and servicing.

Are pearls suitable for weddings? 
Of course. In fact pearls are suitable for all sorts of occasions – even a classic jeans and tee OOTD.
Read more about the significance of pearls as wedding jewellery here.

Can I come to view the jewellery? I’m not sure what size fits me best.
Of course. We encourage all clients to view the jewellery and experience our service in person. For instance, our Akoya Pearls come in 7, 8, 9mm sizes and different shades of white (blush or silver). Try them on to assess them on your ear lobes and overall demeanour.

Appointments are available every Saturday.

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