Jewellery Care

Treat your jewellery well and they will serve you steadfastly for generations. Caring for your jewellery at home assures that it is kept in the best condition. As with most things in life, a little effort often goes a long way.

We also recommend that you bring your jewellery in for professional in-store cleaning every year.

General Guidelines

  • Store your jewellery in a secured box ideally with individual plush lined compartments.
  • All jewellery pieces should be stored individually and securely as different jewellery types have different hardness and may damage each other. Your jewellery box should be stored away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture in a cool dark area.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery when exercising. Remove your jewellery before entering the swimming pool as the high chlorine content will cause the jewellery to tarnish or discolour over time.

Diamonds and Coloured Stones

Diamonds may be the hardest mineral on earth but they are still prone to chipping if not stored or handled properly. Always store your diamond jewellery separately from softer organic stones such as jade or pearls. Different gemstones have different hardness levels. A sapphire stone may scratch a peridot ring. Always store your jewellery items separately in your jewellery box.

How to care for them?

Using a soft bristle toothbrush and warm water with a touch of natural soap gently clean the stone and the jewellery’s setting then rinse and pat dry with a lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any form of detergents.

Pearls and Opals

Pearls and Opals are softer organic gemstones that require more care to prevent scratching. A hard surface top can easily damage these stones so always lay them gently on a soft padded surface. Even scratchy fabrics such as wool can strip away a pearl’s lustrous outer layer over time.  Pearls retain their lustre from our natural body oils which is a good reason to wear them as often as you can.

How to care for them?

Wipe gently with a piece of cool damp cloth. Use a soft lint-free cloth to pat dry and leave it to air dry. Avoid using a brush.