Orient Atelier's Education Series

Unfamiliar with gold jewellery and gemstones? Fret not. Welcome to our #Gold101 and #GemGeek education series where we hope to share with you some information nuggets to help smoothen your jewellery buying experience.

Gold101: Orient Jewellers' Gold Basics

Learn about the different colours of gold, gold fineness, gold’s resale value and the type of gold to buy >read on

#GemGeek: Sapphires

Read about this prestigious gemstone long associated with a history of royal patronage and classic style. >> learn more

#GemGeek: Emeralds

Learn the quality factors and how to buy this lush green gemstone widely revered since antiquity >> learn more

#GemGeek: Akoya Pearls

Made famous by Mr Mikimoto Akoya pearls are considered classic cultured pearls used for fine jewellery >> learn more